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Summer 2002 Gazette - Final Gazette
Voyage's End Ocean Liner Museum Collection to South Street Seaport Museum
Walter Lord -8 OCTOBER 1917 - 19 MAY 2002
Stowing Away on a Caribbean Cruise: Intrepid Female Journalist does the Trick on Raffaello out of New York

Spring 2002 Gazette
Dazzle & Drab is Open at last, a Splendid Success
Two Superb Lecturers Document Roles of the Ocean Liner in Two World Wars
Scythia Crossing ends in A St.Lawrence Collision; Curious Indifference Reigns
9/11 Crossing aboard Queen Elizabeth 2 Becomes a Surreal Voyage Of Uncertainty

Fall 2001 Gazette
Manhattan Catastrophe Postpones Dazzle & Drab
R.M.S TITANIC = MGY & Other Radio Arcana
Not Merely Seasick but (Seriously) Sick at Sea: A Passenger's Terrifying Memoir

Summer 2001 Gazette
Dazzle & Drab: Members urged to book seats for dinner.
Celebrity Cruises has donated a Millennium cruise for raffle
More Norway-ex-France remembrances as letters & pictures
continue flooding in
Superb Mauretania model on board QE2 is in need of some crucial maintenance; the Ocean Liner Museum to the rescue?

Winter 2001 Gazette
Third life for a Classic Ocean Liner: Norway-ex-France will abandon the Caribbean for Far East Deployment
Loving, Memorial Bouquet in Praise of Norway-ex-France from her passengers & crew
Ken Marschall, Celebrated Titanic Artist, Lectures for Ocean Liner Museum Members

Fall 2000 Gazette
Next Museum Exhibition, Dazzle & Drab, Portrays the Ocean Liner’s Role Throughout Wars at Sea
“Wingers” and “Bloods” Aboard Oronsay in the 1950’s; a Neophyte Steward Rembmers it all Well (Part II)
2000's Doubly Glorious Fourth Aboard QE2 Anchored in Port

Summer 2000 Gazette
When Ocean Liners Docked, This Ambitious Youn Lady Was On Hand
“Wingers” and “Bloods” Aboard Oronsay in the 1950’s; a Neophyte Steward Rembmers it all Well
In Her 31st Year of Service, QE2 Always Delivers for a Long-Term German Fan
Millennium Overview

Spring 2000 Gazette
Cork Titanic Fragment is Still Secure
June 1962, in Mid-Atlantic: the Schaumloffel Family Enjoys Passage on the United States
An Encore Normandie Quiz

Winter 2000 Gazette
Complete Inventory of the OLM Collection is Presently in Work
Briton's Postwar Circumnavigation Completed by Third Troop Ship, Orion
Meanwhile, Back Aboard s/s OROPESA
Author at Sea Makes Friends with Young

Summer/Fall 1999 Gazette
A Briton's Circumnavigation, Across the Atlantic and Pacific in 3 Trooping Liners
Capacity Crowds Throng Blue Ribband Members' Preview and a Formal Opening
Yet Another Sold-Out Ship Enthusiasts' Cruise Aboard Cunard's Venerable Queen Elizabeth 2
Lost, Yesterday, Somewhere Between Sunrise and Sunset, Two Golden Hours, Each Set with Sixty Diamond Minutes; No Reward is Offered for They Are Gone Forever. (1900, Anonymous)

Spring 1999 Gazette
Glorious 1958 CGT Parlay:Crossing East on Liberte and West on Flandre
On May 4th 1999, Blue Ribband
Embarks Members at the United States Courthouse
Correspondence / Letters to the Editor

Fall/Winter 1998 Gazette
A Hales Trophy Reproduced and, Delivered in 2002, A new Cunarder: Carnival's Transatlantic Redux
Encore: A Fine, 1975 Day Along Luxury Liner Row
Frank Brayanard Remembers a Tale of Two Liners

Summer 1998 Gazette
"Everyone Seemed Deliriously Happy!" Sailing Day in New York, Recalled by Envious, Young Visitors
A Successor to Last Fall's Normandie Expedition, Museum Members follow Titanic's Memorial Trail
The First of Disney's Cruise Fleet Reaches Florida

Spring 1998 Gazette
Fleeing Murderer with Disguised Accomplice take the Slow Ship to the Gallows; Inspector Dew Wins
Troopships that took a GI to War and Back Again
A First Ocean Voyage from the Bronx to Bermuda

Winter 1997 Gazette
Rotterdam ends 38-year career as HAL flagship
As predicted museum's Normandie trek sells out; 57-seats gone within a week, waiting list of 50 more
The Ocean Liner Museum goes online; an overview of the Museum's web site

Fall 1997 Gazette
For the first time since 1984, S.S. Norway Sails for Le Havre and Southampton with full passenger load.
Eighty-five years later, the world is still fixated on the lost Titanic

Summer 1997 Gazette
First night out, Vistafjord passengers awake to smoke; heroic crewmen put out the fire in time.
From among a welcome trove of donated memorabilia, a Cunard cruising gem, circa 1910

Spring 1997 Gazette
Bermuda Queen Recalled in 1939
Checking up on the competition: P&O inspectors sailed alien seas on St Louis & Empress of India

Winter 1996 Gazette
On 25 July, 1956, Nantucket Sound: The Collision Aboard Stockholm
New York To Le Havre On Board The France

Fall 1996 Gazette
Frederick Spedden's Hat, Worn Off Titanic, Presented To Museum
Memorabilia To Be Auctioned At Christie's East

Summer 1996 Gazette
Constitution Crossing, Splendid Army Perquiste
Douglas Cater, A Baltic Client Extraordinaire
Superstitious? An Ile De France Tumbles From The Wall S& A Rash Of Misfortune Follows In Its Wake


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